Why Should You Own Animal Jewelry?

We know that all animals are cute. We can’t just resist the urge to love them.

From owls and elephants to dolphins and dogs, animal-themed charms are becoming a popular trend in the jewelry industry.

Here are a few reasons why you should own an animal necklace, bracelet etc.

owl jewelry

1) Owls

Owls have become a favorite among animal jewelry community.

The Native Americans associated them with foresight and the ability to predict weather conditions. Other cultures believe that if an owl visits you, it is considered an incredible gift. 

The owl is such a popular jewelry option because it holds so many layers of symbolism.

The most popular characteristics associated with owls are wisdom and knowledge, mystery, protection, and secrets.

A wise owl jewelry piece would make a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.

2) Sea animal jewelry

Who said that you cannot take some underwater creatures with you? At our sea animal jewelry collection you will will find whale, dolphins, turtles, seahorse, and more.

There are many beliefs surrounding this creature that makes them a perfect lucky charm for anyone. Dolphins are considered as the “king of fish” by many cultures.

They are known to symbolize a number of virtues such as gentleness, playfulness, friendship, intelligence, harmony, and power.

Known for their long life, turtles characterize strength, longevity, endurance, protection, patience, and wisdom.

The seahorse is considered as a symbol of strength, power, high-perception, and friendliness by many cultures especially Ancient Greeks and Romans.

And one last fun fact: the seahorse male carries the babies, don't believe us? google it.

Check out our sea collection.

3) Hearts with Animals

Of all animal jewelry, paw prints tend to be more creative.

Heart pieces with paw prints or animals is a straightforward way to show your deep affection towards your pet.

Often characterized by a master and a pet, these unique pieces are guaranteed to remind anyone of their pet.

Crafted with either silver or gold with gemstones embellishments, these heart pieces surely deserves a sweet spot as one of the trendiest in the animal-themed jewelry today.

4) Paw prints

Made from either silver or gold, a wide variety of a paw print animal jewelry is leading the fashion sense of pet lovers these days. 

Though they do not hold the beliefs and mystical powers like others, paw prints-themed pieces have a much deeper and personal meaning for their owners.

Paw print jewelry can act as a symbol to pet owners of their departed canine companions.

See our dog jewelry here.

5) Elephants

Known as the largest living mammal, Elephants are quickly becoming a favorite in their jewelry pieces.

A wide variety of elephant jewelry necklace, bracelets, or pendants is crafted in either silver or gold and embellished with gemstones. 

In western culture, an elephant with an upward trunk has a meaning of good fortune.

It also symbolizes a lot of virtues such as determination, loyalty, patience, responsibility, as well as strength, honor, and stability. 

In addition, there are a handful of beliefs surrounding this behemoth that makes it a perfect good luck charm.

elephant jewelry animal jewelry

There are many beautiful and unique animal jewelry available today.

If you purchase a elegant animal piece at GemCreature, you will not only get a special piece to show off your love for animals but also have the opportunity to raise the awareness for animals around the world.

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