5 Things To Know When Buying Jewelry For A Women On valentine's Day

Everybody want to see their women's face light up when she opens that special Valentine's day gift box, you don't mind buying any gift almost, you just want to see that face excited, is that right?

Let me tell you, the fact that you tried would be more important for her then the actual gift, if the love is there of course

But you have to show her that you care, you have to try and show that you know her taste.

You can't show her that you bought something on the go or last minute, that would not end well for you.

The fact that you searched shows that you care and that you are serious about not messing this up, because she is the one that holds that secret of what she really like. 

Keep reading and learn 5 things to know when buying jewelry for your lady on Valentine's Day.

1 Watch her shop

Look closely and watch her shopping behaviors, some women like to go straight to the jewelry stores right to the rings section, some prefer necklaces, what kind of necklaces, make sure you stand from a distance because too close might get you to buy it on the spot.

You want to be a special gift that you picked out since you know her so well.

2 Don't buy what you want to see her wear, but what she loves 

If you want something to become her favorite piece, if its a piece of lingerie, a cute dress or jewelry, make sure it compliments her, that it is wearable and fits her perfectly. 

You want to find something that works, you want to find something that you will see her wearing beyond Valentines Day. You might find something she likes here.

3 Get her something with sentimental value

We all know that Valentine's Day is probably the most sentimental holiday ever, hearts might be the perfect solution, try getting personal.

Did you propose to her on a mountain top? Do you have a special something that both of you love.

Try getting creative and get something related to that. Think out of the box.

cat necklace valentine's day

4 Notice what she wears

Does she like delicate chains or maybe gold pendants? Look in her jewelry box, better yet, look at her. A women loves it when her man notices what she loves and wears.

Try getting her something related to what she already has, not the same but a bit different, if it is inline with the style she likes, for example animal jewelry then Valentine's Day would be a great holiday for both of you.

5 Big stones are not cheap, but if she likes them - go for it

Not all women like big stones, on Valentine's Day it might be better to go with something more classic, but make sure she loves them, don't just assume.

Diamonds don't have to be so big to sparkle and small ones are not too expensive actually. The color of the heart (Valentines) is the Ruby. The Hindus believed rubies generate heat and sensuality.

In medieval times, people believed the rubies preserve their health, banish evil thoughts and reconcile arguments.

These are a few things to keep in mind when buying jewelry on Valentine's Day, we hope it helped.

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